Pinch punch it’s the forth of the month!

So we’re only four days into February and I must say I’m enjoying some overdue FIKA with creativity! This month I have two projects to keep my creative energy up and i’ve been so looking forward to them both.

Firstly, a new daily challenge from two of my favourite Creativebug instructors, Faith Hale and Courtney Cerruti. In this 28 part series Courtney and Faith share their favourite techniques for altering found books to create unique pieces of art. For me this brings together some many of my favourite creating techniques; collage, interactive book elements and book art.

Over the weekend I set about finding the perfect book which would become my collaboration for the next 28 days. My local charity shop didn’t disappoint and after picking up about 10 books, I settled for these three. I liked different things about each one so I really couldn’t decide!

After posting to Instagram asking for help, I settled on Paul Gallico’s ‘Mrs Harris goes to New York’. I liked the thickness of the paper, the awesome dust cover and the handwritten date and signature. Also I took a trip to New York in 2010, so I will hopefully be able to include some of the 1,000’s of photos I took within this challenge.

The second project I’m looking forward to is the new season from Get Messy Art. They are mixing things up this month and this is the first in the new format for Get Messy Art. This season is titled ‘The Season of Celebration’, and aims to celebrate the Get Messy member (Get Messians). Very excited to see who will be featured and can’t wait to dive into the daily prompts.

For more information on Creativebug and Get Messy Art, just click on the links on the righthand side.

Note – If you’re looking to become a member of Creativebug, by following the link on the right you can start your Creativebug subscription for $1 and we both get a free class! How cool is that!