Get Messy – Season of Freedom

As 2018 draws to a close, I start my third Get Messy season – The Season of Freedom.

Season of Freedom

I really enjoyed working small on the Season of Ubuntu, I felt to look the pressure of making a massive page if I didn’t have the time, so I’ve gone for a Mini Book, held together with rings to allow pages to be added or taken away. The inspiration for this Mini Book came from Caylee Grey and Essie Ruth.

So far I’ve made four pocket pages where tabs can be inserted and taken out, plus my introduction page to the season. I will keep adding pages as we I through the season to make the completed journal. The idea of the season is to create without restrictions, although I will be restricting my colour pallet to grey, blues and blush.

More information can be found about the Get Messy Art Community here

Hope you have a great week and speak soon